10 Landscaping Ideas

    When it comes to flowerbeds, trees, and plants, going overboard can be a huge mistake. Instead of choosing every plant that catches your eye at the garden center, opt for minimalism. By employing the “less is more” approach, your front yard will look uniform and contained. You should also consider planting similar species of plants together when designing your flowerbed. When it comes to shrubs, choose no more than three and make sure they work well together. Keeping things simple will help you avoid a cluttered, overgrown look.
    Adding stepping stones is an attractive way to connect different elements of your yard.bIf you don’t want to purchase individual stepping stones, you can make a project out of creating your own. This means doing a little work with cement but it’s relatively easy and puts the creative control in your hands. You can also go with a small gravel walkway to connect areas of your yard. This serves the same function and is equally as attractive.
    When purchasing flowers and plants, make sure you go with perennials when possible. Sure, annual flowers look great, but if this is all you have in your flowerbed, you’ll be spending money each year when they die. A good approach is to set the foundation of your landscaping with perennials and accessorize your flowerbed with annuals. This means less work revitalizing your yard each year.
    When designing your flowerbed, try to give it some shape. A winding border is much more interesting than squared off sections. Then, add an attractive border separating the flowerbed from the grass. This process is affordable and extremely easy. Choose a type of stone or brick that works well with the front of your home and line the border to bring a clean, uniform look to your flowerbed.
    An important component of maintaining your landscaping is ensuring your yard drains properly. If you notice excess water building up in certain areas after it rains, you’ll need to take action. Installing drainage may seem overwhelming but there are DIY options out there. Installing a French drain is relatively easy and will create proper runoff. You can also build a small, dry creek bed to direct water out of your lawn.
    If the front of your home is lacking color and dimension, adding flower boxes is an easy solution. If purchased, they’re extremely affordable. You can also build them yourself. Install your flower boxes on porch railings or under windows and add your favorite flowers. Because there’s a little separation between these flowers and the ones in your garden, think about adding contrast with a different color. Flower boxes tend to have a very traditional look. If this isn’t your style, opt for more modern, subtle boxes that don’t stand out as much.
    You’ll be surprised at how much a simple bench can enhance the look of your front yard. This is one of those landscaping ideas that often gets overlooked. Check out garage sales or antique shops and find a unique outdoor bench. Don’t be afraid to fix it up with a little sandpaper and fresh paint. Placing your new bench under the shade of a large tree gives you the perfect place to relax and enjoy your beautiful yard. If you don’t have a tree, place the bench toward the side of the yard. For added effect, consider creating a gravel circle your bench can sit on. You can even place stepping stones from your walkway to the bench.
    Smaller lawn accessories will add subtle detail and character to your front lawn. Plus, your choices are endless. A birdbath is a classic choice. You can find very nice models at affordable prices or build your own. You could also add smaller sculptures to your flowerbed. If you like the rustic look, consider an old, wooden bucket and plant flowers in it. Even wind chimes can be a great design element and also add to the atmosphere of your yard.
    To really change the vibe of your front lawn in the evening, add outdoor lighting. There are many options to choose from, each with a different effect. If your front door is dark at night, install entryway lighting to make your door the focal point of your home. This is also a good security measure. If you have a long walkway, consider adding track lighting to help lead the way to the front door. You could also add garden and tree lights to bring out the work you’ve done to your landscaping. Don’t worry, you can easily find outdoor lighting that’s soft and subtle so it doesn’t look like Christmas year-round.
    You’ve been concentrating on planting the right shrubs and flowers around your home. But you can also add character with potted plants. These are best placed around your front door and entryway. And remember, make sure the pot colors you choose match the surrounding color scheme.