10 Ways To Decluttering A Kitchen

  1. Do an inventory. It’s the quickest way to get things started. Check the pipes and if you find a leak, then hire an emergency plumbing company to fix it. Go through everything that’s now on the countertops and decide what absolutely must stay in the kitchen, what belongs in another room, and what can get tossed. When you’re done, you’ll probably be half-way through the process!
  2. Use vertical space. Move calendars, to-do lists, and a mail holder to a wall or inside a cabinet. Hang a multi-pocket divider on the inside of a pantry door and assign each pocket to a person or task. Find a trusted door repair and service provider; visit their website to schedule an appointment.
  3. Group things together. Whether you use a decorative countertop container or a designated drawer, frequently used cooking utensils should all be in one place.
  4. Hang it up. If you like having things like measuring cups and spoons, your favorite coffee mug, or even pots and pans always at hand, hang them from a towel bar, a pot rack, or underneath tall shelves.
  5. Designate a tech spot. Choose one drawer or use an attractive basket that’s reserved solely for phones, chargers, and other tech-related devices and accessories.
  6. Don’t replace clutter with clutter. Too many containers or baskets on the counter can just as easily overwhelm. Use the lower shelf of one cabinet or a designated drawer to store them.
  7. Add open shelving. It’s a simple and efficient way to keep things close by. Shelves are also the perfect spot for storing cookbooks and recipe file boxes.
  8. Stow appliances. Unless you have the room for it, an appliance garage can take up quite a bit of useable counter-space. Consider a pull-out drawer or corner cabinet with outlets that’s let you keep mixers, blenders, and juices out of sight until they’re needed. You can also move the microwave into the island.
  9. Put your sink to work. Today’s sinks are designed to make life a whole lot easier. Many come with accessories like drying racks and cutting boards that you can pop in and out as needed.
  10. Head to the island. If your kitchen upgrade includes a new island, choose one with some open storage. Already have an island? Consider adding a smaller, narrower piece against a wall. It will give you extra prep space and provides a place to stash all those extra tools you want nearby.