Colors To Avoid

While we love the look of pink, it can be too feminine for most home buyers’ tastes. Home staging is all about to appealing to the greatest number of buyers possible, which means keeping it as gender neutral as possible. While pink can be a fun color to decorate with, it has a very specific look that can alienate a lot of buyers who can’t relate to the vibe or simply get distracted by it.

Neon shades
Extremely bold, bright colors may be a turn-off to most home buyers, who are usually looking more for a relaxing ambiance rather than an energetic one. While neon colors can be a lot of fun to decorate with, they are better saved for more confined areas of your

Like pink, purple is a gorgeous color that is typically considered a more feminine one, even though it can be swung in a more masculine direction with the right decor. However, when it comes to staging a home to sell, it’s best to stick with the colors that are decidedly gender neutral so there is no room for error. If purple is your color, try to stick to pastels, light lavender shades rather than darker shades.

Red is a powerful color to use, but it can also be overwhelming to home buyers because it attracts so much attention. The purpose is to enhance the home without detracting from it. Red is such an eye-catching color that it can distract buyers from the home itself. The exception would be a small accents such as red kitchen elements, which should be accented with a few (but contemporary) accessories.

Pastel colors are fine choices for home staging, but don’t fall into the trap of using too many bland colors. They are soothing to the eye than bold colors, which is why stagers use them the most. But don’t forget to add scattered accents!