Gems near homes in Studio City Part II

Hi Everyone.

Well I am back again to talk about some of the hidden gems in the city that is near and dear to my heart, Studio City. I have lived here for nearly 20 years and I can’t imagine being anywhere else. It has so much history and so much culture within itself. Here are 2 vintage photo from my private collection of Studio City. Even back then, Studio City had such a nice feel to it. Even the name was really something else back then when movies this new thing everyone was talking about and Studio City was the place where all of new studios were being built. It really must of been such and exciting time. So much hustle and bustle and such a bright future on the horizon. That brings me to another one of my favorite locations in Studio City. That is Du-Pars. Du-Pars is a family style dinner that has been around since 1938. Thats over 70 Years! It is a true landmark. What has really amazed me is how its kept its vintage feel inside and out. As well as the menu. This place really does take me back to 40’s and 50’s. If you go for a visit, be sure to try their homemade pancakes or their pies. They’re made fresh daily. It what Du-Pars famous for!

Tammy Jerome