The Annual Valley Village Garden Tour

One of the best top tradition held in Valley Village each year is the The Annual Valley Village Garden Tour. And it just so happens the the 3rd Annual Event is running right now as we speak from April 1st to May 26! Hurry because the winners will soon be announced on May 23rd. This is a delightful and truly charming event the whole neighborhood can enjoy. From the participants to the viewers. And its one of those events that really pluses the entire area and benefits everyone. People can view the gardens from the sidewalks or virtually thru the Neighborhood Council Valley Village website. Contestants are able to build their gardens either in the yard or even on their patio. Most of these gardens even have names. Oh yes, this is serious business.

To be eligible the participants must obviously be residents of Valley Village. Then when their garden is at its peak, they take 5 photos of it and submit them thru the internet. The judges want to see all aspects fo these gardens. Leave no nook and cranny undiscovered. Once the website has all the entires, they will post all of them as a virtual gallery on the website for all to enjoy. Then a blue ribbon panelist of judges will visit the best gardens that were chosen from the photo submissions. In person! Once all of the top gardens have been personally judged, they will announce the winners at the following NCVV board meeting.

Here are some interesting fact about the event. First of all ALL residents in Valley Village may participate. Whats even better is this is not just for people with homes and yards. This is also open to people living in town homes and condos with balcony gardens. I really like that its all inclusive. Thats a prime example of Valley Village. Its all about the community. Here is a run down of what happens. Photos of the garden must be taken from April 1 to may 20 the previous year. Then the judges will visit the current year from May 1 to May 15. Sometimes they do it all on one day as well which would be May 20. Then winners are announced May 23 at the NCVV board meeting. And yes, there are prizes. Very exciting!

So if you have a green thumb, go ahead and submit you garden for all to enjoy! Entry photographs may be submitted by email to or may be submitted by mail to NCVV, PO Box 4703, Valley Village, CA 91617. For more information and please visit or contact Suzanne Lewis at 818-759-8204.