Things to do around Toluca Lake Part 2

Well we’re back again to delve into the surrounding area’s neighboring Toluca Lake has to offer. Last week we talked about the world famous Universal City, home of Universal Studio’s. Most people have no idea how close it really is. In some parts of Toluca Lake, you can actually hear some of the rides faintly off in the distance. Its that close! How cool is that? Its such a great getaway to spend the day with the kids!

So this week, I will discuss another fantastic place where you could easily spend the entire day with the family and still not see everything it has to offer and thats Griffith Park. This place is huge! 4,310 acres to be exact. And what a history. Its been around since 1896.

So what is there to do there? Well lets start off with the most obvious. Parks! Parks, parks, parks galore. Small parks, big parks. private parks, crowded parks. You name it, they got it. There are so many park locations to choose from and most of them provide grills, great for BBQing with the entire family. With so much green in one area, what’s the next obvious choice other than parks Griffith Park has to offer? Golf courses.  There are several golf courses to choose from. The Roosevelt Golf Course and Wilson Golf Course are popular favorites. They have locations catered to both professionals and amateurs so there is something for everyone.

So you think there couldn’t be anything else possibly more impressive then several parks and golf courses in one area? Well how about a Zoo! Yes! Griffith Park is home the Los Angeles Zoo. Established in 1966, the L.A. Zoo covers 43 Acres of Griffith park and is home to 1,100 animals and over 250 different species. Its biggest exhibits are the Campo Gorilla Reserve, Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains, Red Ape Rainforest, Sea Life Cliffs, Peninsular Pronghorns and Elephants of Asia. The LA Zoo has also been a huge help in restoring the population of the rare California Condor. Just to give you an idea how far they have come, back in 1980, there were only 22 remaining California Condors in the wild. Today, there over 330 California Condors in the wild. And animals aren’t the only thing the LA Zoo is great for exploring. It’s also a certified Botanical Garden. There are a total fo 15 different collections covering 800 different species that comprise to about 7,400 actual plants. Its a sight to behold! And what is a Zoo with out shows. There is the California Condor Rescue Zone, World of Birds Show and the Animals and You Program. Check them out if you have the time. And the Zoo doesn’t rest on its laurels. It has plenty future expansions in the works like the Living Amphibians, Invertebrates, and Reptiles opening in 2012 and then there is the Rainforest of the Americas opening in 2013. So with all the current expansions and upcoming ones, there is so much to see and explore at the LA Zoo that the entire family is bound to love.

Well thats not all Griffith Park has to offer. There’s more. Lots! In my second installment I will cover the remain attractions and activities that Griffith Park has to offer. I told you this place was big!

Till Next time,
Tammy J.