Welcome to Valley Village

Today I’d like to talk about a little section of the San Fernando Valley called Valley Village. Truly one of San Fernando’s hidden gems. Valley Village is located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California, north of Studio City, west and south of North Hollywood, and east of Sherman Oaks. There are approximately 22,000 residents that live within the boundaries of Valley Village, which consists mostly of single family homes and small shops and businesses. Its a small community but full of charm and a real sense of the word “community”. They host several events and community get togethers every year which I will to into depth in the coming weeks.

They have an excellent educational system that might surprise you. Their Elementary schools system is one of the best. Valley Village is apart of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Its comprised mostly of a public schools system. Valley Village is unique in that even tho is so small in size, there are still different zones for different schools. But not only that, but the schools aren’t actually located within Valley Village. They are in neighboring cities. For elementary schools, the zones are divided between Colfax Elementary School and Burbank Elementary School both located in North Hollywood. As well as Riverside Elementary School which actually happens to be in Sherman Oaks. As far as Middle Schools go, Valley Village residents are assigned to either Walter Reed Middle School located in Studio City or Millikan Middle School located in Sherman Oaks. For High School, kids attend one of two school. Most of them attend North Hollywood High School which actually is in Valley Village or Grant High School which is in Valley Glen. The only private school in Valley Village is the High School campus of Oakwood School.

So between the community feel, family friendly events, and excellent school system. Its become a great place for families to start out. Vally Village is a very proud community. There is just something about it that you just have to see for yourself.