Why I love Homes in Studio City

Studio City Welcome

I get asked a lot as to why I adore Studio City and homes in Studio City so much. Why I have made Studio City my home for the last 20 years. It’s one of those cities that has a bit of charm, class, sophistication and relaxsation all rolled into one. Below are a couple of highlights that have kept me in this city from now to the foseable future.

Location, location, location:

You’ve heard it a hundred time, right? Location is every thing. Living in Studio city positions me close to so many key landmarks in Los Angeles. I feel like I am about 15min from everything. If I want to go to Hollywood, its just a mere hop, skip and a jump on the freeway and before I know it, I am cruising down highland past the Hollywood Bowl. West Hollywood? I just shoot right over Laurel Canyon and pop right onto the Sunset strip. At night I can get there in less than 10 minutes. What about Beverly Hills? All I have to do is just shoot down Ventura Blvd for a minute or two and go up and over Coldwater Canyon and voila, I am cruising down Beverly Drive. So you see, I am close to major key area of LA with in minutes of a drive. I love it!

One of my favorite areas to live in is in the hills of Studio City. The Homes in Studio City are some of the best around. Especially the ones that overlook the Blvd. Some you access from Laurel Canyon, and some you access from Venture Blvd. There are some real gems up their and in future posts I will be discussing the creme de la creme of locations.

Let me end this posts with a few snap shots of Studio City and keep a look out next week where I will take a closer look at what makes finding Homes in Studio City so exciting!

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